Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stay the Course

Hi everyone. I know I’ve been gone for months, but I’m back now. I had some issues with my family, but everything is resolving itself out nicely thanks to God. I hope everyone had a great summer!

I went to dinner with my girlfriend, Rechelle about a month ago and she encouraged me to pick up the blog again. So here I am blogging away on a raining Tuesday morning. For those of you that are wondering where is my template design? It’s being redone by my talented and creative girlfriend, Rechelle. She’s such a source of encouragement.

Of course it’s back to school time which means kids are getting back into the swing of things, studying and making new friends. However, for those facing infertility this is just another reminder of the fact that we don’t have kids. It’s hard to watch the Back to School commercials and wonder when will I get a chance to buy school supplies and kiss my little one on his or her first day of school? Well that got me thinking, we should all go back to school. You know what I mean, take a mini class, on my blog. Relax it’s free and not to taxing, but very informative. I have entitled the class, “Stay the Course.” Today, I will give you a brief introduction about the course and over the next three months we will discuss the components that make up “Stay the Course.”

What exactly does “Stay the Course” mean? Well, for starters it means staying focused in one direction for your life. Not giving up when obstacles or disappointments rear their ugly heads. Understanding that staying the course sometimes means that regardless of what we see that the prize is always at the end of our journey, if we stay alert and pay attention.
How many times do you think a long distance runner practices his skill or gives up. He probably starts out running a kilometer or two, then a mile, then three miles and before you know it, he’s up to 5 miles and running marathons. How do you think that happens? Does he give up and stop trying? No, he keeps going, he may have to rest and regain his strength, but he comes back to the task and finishes the race. He perseveres despite how his body feels, his mind drives him to his goal and that’s how we have to be on our joyful mother journey. We can’t let anything stop us from our destination, “Motherhood.”

I hope you guys are ready for our class. It will be an exciting and rewarding one. Oh I almost forgot, I’m about to launch a infertility support group at one of the local hospitals in Dallas, so if you’re in the area send me a comment and I’ll get you the information. And if you know of anyone that needs some encouragement in the area of infertility, miscarriage or loss of a baby, please send them my blog.
Have a great day and just think of the endless possibilities that today can hold for you, who knows today might be the day you find out that you are pregnant.

Til next time,
Joyful Mother

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