Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marching Ahead of Infertility
For most that live in warmer climates, March shows us a spark of spring, and for others March is still cold and snowy, but regardless of where you are; remember that March is about new beginnings. The month of March draws an end to winter and a beginning to spring.

Everyone who has a true desire to be a mother can be a mother. Some of you may be saying you don’t know me nor do you know my diagnosis, and you’re right I don’t on either point. However, I do know what it feels like to have the desire to be a mom and feel like that dream will never appear. You can be a mother; you can, whether through your womb, surrogacy or adoption. The choice is up to you. Now if you’re like me I chose my womb and to believe and wait it out. It was tough, but I kept hearing a still small voice that told me not to give up. I believe that God was stretching my faith and causing me to believe the impossible. No matter what my doctors said, I marched ahead of my infertility. How did I do it? Three things helped me along my journey, they were: 1) Follow my doctor’s instructions 2) Pray and believe the impossible 3) Occupy yourself while I waited and 4) Dream big. It’s that simple.

You may be saying but I’ve done that and nothing has helped, well that’s where the marching starts. You keep doing it regardless of the fact that you don’t see the outcome you want. The question is can you do it? Can you believe in spite of what you see or in spite of what you doctor says? Take one day at a time and try it. Start with today. Take your mind off of what you don’t have and dream about what you want. It’s ok to dream, it’s ok to envision your future. Often times you hear about famous people like athletes or movie stars talking about their big break. Some will say, “I knew it was going to happen” or “I knew this was my season” and as the interview progresses the reporter will ask “What made you think that?” or “How did you know it would happen?” The famous person will say “I saw myself do it and dreamed that one day this day would come and I held onto that dream.”

When I was struggling with infertility, I knew in my heart and in my spirit that one day I would have a baby. I prayed about it. I dreamed about it and thought about it. Now on those days that I wanted to obsess, I had to learn to gain control over that. But I did. Now some may be saying, how do I know if I’m obsessing? Well, if you can’t work during the day because all you are thinking about is a baby then you are obsessing, but it’s ok to think about it during the day but focus on the task at hand. But dream, it’s healthy to dream. Anyway when the day came, I was so elated. I couldn’t believe it was really happening , but it was. And it all went back to my faith. Faith is what causes us to dream, you may not know it or not but it does. You can’t dream without faith. You may say well I don’t believe in God or anything, well that’s simply not true. When you go to the pharmacy to pick up your clomid or other drug, you are trusting and having faith that the pharmacist is going to fill the prescription correctly. Don’t you? Or the chair that you are sitting in right now, you have faith that it will support your weight and you won’t fall to the floor. So regardless of your faith everyone believes in something.

Til next time…….. Pray, Believe and Dream

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